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Lazzai lal hoye jai, tar mane meye sobtai jane. Ektu sabdhane korte hobe. Besi raat jagar fole chokher nicheo kali pore gache.

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Moon kahile hauu to mo kuti. Dekha to gandi. Tapare se mote tanka gandi dekhaele aau tanka gandi dekhi mo banda puni thare dian maribaku galila. Tanka gandi dekhi ki mora lobha hela aau moon mane mane bhabile ji aaji yaku bhala kari gandi maribi. Tenu moon tanka gandi re puraeebaku chesta kali, kintu moon banda pasila nahin.

Some actions will help reduce headaches in children. Ingesting loads of water throughout the day, steering clear of caffeine, acquiring plenty of and normal snooze, feeding on balanced meals at the right moments, and minimizing anxiety and excess of functions may possibly reduce head aches.

Ei rokom ugro saj poshak amar khub valo lage, ami to tomake agekar lok vabtam. Ami hense feli. jigyes kori kano boner chehara valo noi.

Sethu moon kahili oh aame jemite chadi pindhu chhu aama guli na ohaliba pane. Se haan bharile. Tapare se mote kahile langala hebaku. Moon sange sange moon pant bahara kari phingi deli. Sethu se mora chotia nunu ku dekhi kahile are pupun tora kan ediki tike hoee chhi.

Tarpor samle nei. Ami to oi bayasei gude started, kala dhukiyechi. Amar gudta kemon sursur korte thaki. Taratar mute ese abar dildota gude set kore vibratorta chaliye dei. Meyer upor najar rakhte hobe.

Bia bhitare banda. Aaaahhhaa ohhh Raju banda BaaaaNdaaaa banda banda. BAAAANDAAAA. Banda banda. Mo bia biiia biiia biaaa. bia. banda banda banda. Aaaahhhaa genhe genhe kahi kahi bou mote kutti kutti genhuthile aau mu bi banda ku tough kari bou bia kutti kutti genhuthili.

You'll find a lot more than two hundred sorts of complications. Some are harmless and several are existence-threatening. The description in the headache and results on neurological assessment, identify whether or not more assessments are wanted and what cure is most effective.[three]

Even though the ICHD-2 is easily the most finish headache classification You can find and it involves frequency from the diagnostic criteria of some forms of here complications (mostly primary problems), it does not particularly code frequency or severity which happen to be still left in the discretion of the examiner.[35]

Amio mukhe payes niye or mukhe mukh lagai. Jiv diye or mukhe payes dhokate thaki. O ebar dan hath diye amai kache tene chete chete payes khete thake.

When introduced with issues, they'll see the larger photograph. Their solitary thoughtfulness and Investigation of men and women and entire world occasions may well make them appear to be aloof, and occasionally even melancholy.

Moon puni thare aau gote Dhaka marili moon banda aau tike bhitaraku pasigala. Se aahu ri jor re pati kari baku lagile. Kintu moon tanka pati suni li nahin aau tanku aahuri jor re gandi mari chalili. Prathame tanka anta ku dhari genhu thile tapare tanka lamba bala ku dhari genhi ba arambha kali. Moon pacharili ebe kemite lagu chhi.

[twenty five] Such as, if anyone has Serious weekly headaches with tension on either side of his head, after which you can develops a unexpected critical throbbing headache on just one side of his head, they've a completely new headache.

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